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Other Types

More Life Insurance Options Available from California Insurance Companies

Permanent life insurance
This insurance policy is available from our California insurance professionals, and will not expire* as long as your premiums are paid on time. As long as premiums are being paid, it stays with you permanently throughout your lifetime*.

Permanent life insurance premiums, which can be obtained from any California insurance agency or company, are usually invested to produce returns. This return or cash value is usually accumulated at a set interest rate and is available to use for any of life’s expenses or emergencies. The cash value will grow tax-deferred, which is subsidized by the federal government. The government is trying to encourage responsible financial behavior, such as buying life insurance, so they try to reward those who do by enhancing long-term benefits.

Different types of permanent policies

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is the simplest of the permanent life insurance policies. You’ll pay the same premium all of your life. The sooner (younger) you start the policy, the cheaper these premiums will be. The cash value will accumulate at a set rate as long as your policy is in force. You may also borrow against the cash value. These policies are available from our California insurance professionals– apply today!

Universal life insurance provides a little more flexibility than whole life. With this policy, your premiums will start off low but may increase with time. It will most likely NOT stay constant. You may be able to make larger payments in one year and skip payments another year– certain conditions apply. You also have the flexibility to increase or decrease the value of your policy’s death benefit. This may be beneficial for anyone planning life changing events, such as having children or selling your home. See what kind of premium you can get by applying for a free quote from one of our California insurance professionals!

Variable life insurance takes whole life and adds an investment opportunity component. You pay a set premium, and then you have the option of investing your premiums in one or more investment sub-accounts. Your cash value is not guaranteed as it is with whole life. Instead, it will vary based on the performance of your investment returns.

Variable universal life insurance combines some features of variable and universal policies to create a flexible life insurance policy. As with universal life policies, you have a set premium, but you can adjust how much and when your premiums paid into your policy. This way you can adjust the death benefit to meet your changing needs. Again, your cash value growth will increase or decrease depending on the performance of your investment returns.

*Usually this type policy ends on your 95th or 100th birthday, but not before.

Annuities are an excellent method for funding non-qualified or qualified IRAs. Programs include single premium deferred annuity and single premium immediate annuity plans for the direct market. Flexible annuity plans are available to both the direct and payroll markets.

Fixed annuities
Consider a fixed annuity if you’re considering retirement or are retired. This is a low-risk opportunity for an investor. You get a fixed return on your money (hence the name). Features include single and flexible premium products, guaranteed interest rates, and tiered and indexed rates.

Group voluntary term life
This option provides valuable coverage at affordable group rates with optional accidental death and dismemberment coverage.